26 July 2013

Sleep in Rollers Review - Stay Awake or Slumber?

Sleep In rollers bag

So i would assume that there is a fair few of you out there now that have heard about these Sleepinrollers and read multiple rave reviews, spotted photos of the Towie girls out in the streets in them etc etc.....so yep, i was curious......iv never been a roller girl myself, always stuck to my trusty old curling iron.....but was intrigued to find out what all the hype was about and whether these rollers were actual real life miracle workers!!

First Impressions
Firstly i have to say i do love the packaging, its fun, the bag is great for travel purposes....and the overall branding is pretty much spot on. You get a set of 20 rollers in the bag as well as a CD which give you info on how to use the rollers.

Sleep In rollers tag

Now iv seen the photos and seen the hype about how these rollers are supposedly able to give you big bouncy curls and huge volume...i have to say i needed to see the proof for myself to be honest.

So to the test
The rollers themselves are fairly sizable velcro rollers, they are foam centered so nice and soft....the velcro coating sticks well to your hair but you will need kirby grips if your intent on sleeping in these as they would just fall out.

Sleep In rollers set

Rollers close up

size of rollers

You get 20 rollers in the bag....however as my hair is layered i found i didn't really need to use all of them. I have to admit...being a rollers virgin i did find them a bit fiddly to get in at first but soon got the hang of it....bit time consuming but then so are curling irons!

So how did they feel in......well a bit alien, im just not used to rollers...first thing i thought was.."how the hell am i going to last a night with these bad boys strapped to my scalp"!!

So came bedtime.....and i was hoping the soft foamy core of these rollers was going to be soft enough for me to get a good nights sleep....well it was not so!! Im not the best of sleepers anyway but these abnormal mounds on my head just made it worse...couldn't get comfy, was very aware of them on my head...and well, just couldn't relax.......in fact i had to take them out in the end....(perhaps i should learn to chill a bit more)

I didn't give up though......i decided the whole night time thing just wasn't for me.....im saving these for strictly daytime usage. As far as daytime goes.....they are ok, put the rollers in, left for a few hours, good squirt of hairspray then took them out. Gave me quite a nice loose tousled curl which is great for daytime wear......they are also not that bad at giving you a bit of volume boost......so Sleepinrollers you redeemed yourself there!

I think the product is a good one overall....love the branding, look and feel of the rollers....i think what let the whole test down was actually me.......and my god awful sleep habits and the fact im just not used to having such big alien items stuck on my head. I was just so aware they were there that i couldn't switch off....the whole sleep in thing was a huge fail for me.

Having said that, the daytime trail worked much better.....and gave me a nice loose wave which is what i was after. Would i convert totally over from irons to rollers??......i think the jury is still out on that one.....but i quite like the results and i think if i use them a few more times my technique of putting the damn things in will get alot better!!

If you fancy trying them yourself there's a huge array of different sets on the site....the one above is the Black Sleepinrollers set which is just £17.95.

So have any of you tried a set of these....and more importantly did any of you actually manage to get a full nights sleeps...??? drop me a comment id love to know!
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  1. I have had this exact same problem! I love my hair in waves but rollers, rags, plaits...all of them are such a pain to sleep in. Guess I'mm be sticking to my waver a little longer...



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