5 August 2013

Illuminate your building with Lite Bricks

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Lite Brix Box

Now if your combining building with LED lights you just know your going to be onto a winner......and that's just what Lite Brix has done. Lite Brix is a brand new construction set that combines multi coloured flashing LED bricks that once constructed and all connected will light up the finished piece.

Lite Brix LED bricks

The sets are geared for ages 6 and over so my boys were the perfect ages to try this set (6 and 12). There is a huge range of themes from cars to planes to buildings....the 2 we tried were the one above which was a Rescue Copter and also one you'll see further down a Lumi Star Racer.

Each brick has multiple plug in ports plus there is a range of connectors that hold the bricks together. The packs also come with a battery power pack (batteries not included).

We firstly started off with my 6 year old, who with the help of daddy tried to make a start on the Rescue Copter. Well it sort of started well but some bits started getting tricky which meant daddy was doing all the building and Lewis was just watching.....what with the ports and connectors etc it was just all a bit too tricky to follow for our 6 year old and it literally meant that daddy had to take over and complete the whole thing (between you and me i don't think he minded that much)....anyway after a few choice words and sorting out the bits that had fallen off, the Rescue Copter was complete......

Lite Brix Rescue Copter

Like Brix Rescue Copter pilot

Lewis with his finished copter

.......and one happy boy was created. The finished creation look pretty damn good and the added LED functioning is really impressive in the dark.......no kid could fail to be impressed. 

I am a bit baffled as to why they market this as a 6+ toy as there is no way a 6 year old on their own could construct or complete this without assistance......even daddy found it tricky in places!! The end result it worth it though and Lewis has it pride of place in his bedroom showing everyone that comes round his 'flashy copter'. 

I would place this range more at age 8 and over but saying that if you love building with your child then age doesn't really matter to be honest.....as the LED concept will be loved by all.

The set above retails for £39.99 from the Character Building Website plus other well known toy outlets.

Lumi Star Racer box

Lumi Star Racer

We did also try another set which was the Lumi Star Racer. A smaller set than the rescue Copter and this time my eldest tackled it.....which he did enjoy and managed to complete it in about half an hour. The Lumi Racer is priced at £29.99

If you have kids that love building but fancy something a bit different then these are the sets for you. Although a bit tricky for the younger kids the end result is really impressive and the LED element makes them totally eye catching and desirable for most ages groups. 

Lite Brix has a range for both girls and boys and the prices range from £9.99 up to £49.99.
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