12 August 2013

Ravensburger Games Reviews: Labyrinth and Just in Time

Labyrinth Box

Following on from my last Ravenburger Games review 2 more games from their extensive range have recently landed in my lap. Firstly:

This is a board game geared towards children from ages 7 and over. For 2-4 players, the main aim of the game is to find all the treasure in a moving maze. 

Labyrinth board

The board itself is a series of pathways. You have a set of additional maze cards and also a set of object cards. Before playing you shuffle the maze cards and then place them randomly onto the board thus creating a random pathway. There will be one card left over...this is to be used when playing the game.

With the object cards these are divided up between the players and these are kept face down in front of you.

Labyrinth Gameplay

The basic aim of the game is to find treasure, you look at the first object card in your pile, and your aim is to get to that object via the maze. You do this by inserting the spare maze card into any one of the side slots on the board. When you do this it will push a piece of the maze out of the other side (this piece is then used for the next move). You then make a move with your piece through the maze as far as you can go to get to your treasure. Play continues this way, once you reach your treasure you just place your card face up and move to the next one. The winner is the first person to reach all the treasure on their object cards.

Is it easy to play? well yes...simple gameplay makes this great for younger children who will love the race for treasure and zipping through the maze.

The boardgame is available for £14.99 in Tescos and would make a fab pic for xmas this year.

Just in Time box

Just In Time is a game geared towards ages 8 and over. Id describe this more as a game of skill. The aim of the game is to place the tiles on your playing card faster then anyone else, but leaving enough open spaces with numbers showing to enable you to get a high score.

Each player has a set of gameboards and tiles. The scoring board is place in the middle with each players counter at the beginning. A set of challenge cards are included and these are sorted by number and placed face down next to the board. 

Just in time board pieces

The game boards have a shaped area which includes random numbers. On the back of the card is a number and a symbol. The number tells you how many tiles can be used to solve the puzzle and also which challenge card stack.

Challenge Cards
On the front of each card you will see which tiles are to be used during the game. The other side displays numbers and symbols. The number matches the number of tiles on the other side and the symbols are also on the other side of the gameboard.

The game is played over 10 rounds, each round uses a different gameboard. For each round you simply:
Pick a gameboard and challenge card
Put the shape together
Award points based on the amount of numbers visible

Tetris style tiles

Everyone plays each round at the same time. The aim is to fit all of your tiles 
(which are reminiscent of Tetris shapes) within the shape on the card. No pieces can stick outside of the edge and the aim is to leave as many of the numbered squares exposed as possible. These numbers are where your score will come from. The more numbers exposed, the higher your score.

After 10 rounds the winner is the one with the highest score...simple!!

This is a frustrating and fun race against time game. Trying to fit the shapes onto the gameboard is not as easy as it looks...and if your go is against the clock its even tougher.

Both my boys played this one and really enjoyed it....my youngest (whos 7) did struggle and needed help but my eldest (aged 12) really enjoyed it.

So if your a fan of boardgames and fancy something a bit different then this is your game. Great little family game and great in the fact that gameplay doesn't take forever!!

Just in Time can be bought over at Amazon for £19.99

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