21 August 2013

Prehistoric fun with Rivetz

Rivetz Construction set

So way way back in August last year i was asked to review Rivetz which is an alternative type of contraction set using cardboard and a rivitz gun. Well seeing as the run up to xmas is starting....(i know scary) Rivetz have a released a new range of bugs and beasts to build. 

Every kid out there loves dinosaurs so who couldn't resist making your very own Pterodactyl!!

Rivetz Instructions

The kit comes with:

A Rivetz Gun
Rivets to fix the model together
Multiple card pieces
An Instruction Manual

Rivetz Contents

Age range for this set is 8+ and the model itself once built will have a wing span of 920mm.....so make sure you have plenty of room in your bedroom to display this badboy!!

Again i had my trusty assistant Jake who is now 12 to tackle the monster! The rivetz gun is quite straightforward to use however, and same as last time, it is a bit fiddly to hold the bits together to rivetz them with the gun. 

The shape of the bird means that alot of pieces are gently folded adding to the complexity of putting the pieces together......with that in mind this is the type of kit that is ideal to do with parent and child as i think a child of 8 would really struggle tackling this on his own.
Fiinished model
Once constructed the finished model should resemble the above.....how could any child resist!!

Frustration with the pieces means that Jake didn't complete it in one session....and is still yet to finish it!! The overall fiddlyness of it got the better of him....but he's determined to finish it!!...Patience is the key with this as you will end up with a fantastic looking model.....its over halfway finished and already looking really impressive.

All in all these sets are really good...though you need to be prepared to be patient and lend a hand with the tricky bits. The rivetz are also easy to remove...so if you do make a mistake along the way simply just pull out and start again.

The set above retails for about £15 from all the major toy retailers. The series also includes a Giant Hornet, Dragon, and a Stealth Fighter.

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