30 October 2013

Tried and Tested: Girlz Only Dry Shampoo

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo

Now for me when i think of dry shampoo one brand springs to mind and that it Batiste. I blogged many a time on how amazing Batiste is and there really hasn't been anything out in the market to rival it. My only niggle about Batiste i would say is the price....currently retailing in my local Tescos for £2.99 i would say its rather pricy and it does put me off getting it all the time even though i absolutely love the product. It was by sheer chance whilst looking to see if Batiste was on offer (it wasnt!!!) that i spotted Girlz Only right next to it on the shelf.

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo

Never actually heard of the brand before but the main thing was it was only £1.50.....bargain, thank you very much!!

Now for me the main thing that i like about Batiste apart from the obvious oily roots blasting ability is the fact is also gives your hair and roots an added bit of oomph and volume. I do also love the range and choice of fragrances however i do find with some of them the fragrance can fade a bit.

So in comparison how did Girlz Only Fair. Well first of all obviously massive gold star for price...cans retail between £1 - £1.50 so you can't really argue with that. The cans are a smaller size than the full size Batiste so definitely handbag friendly, though Batiste do amazing little minis as well. The fragrance was a massive plus point....i chose Party Nights which is a gorgeous sweet smelling fragrance which i found lasted really well....so its great for refreshing hair if you can't be bothered washing.

Does it blast away the roots...well yes, i did find that its not as powdery as Batiste is but it still did the job, the only thing it did lack was that extra volume and oomph that Batiste gives me which was a bit disappointing but as far as bargain dry shampoos go.....this is a fab little steal.

So if your looking for a cheaper alternative to the market leader then Girlz Only is a must. Currently available from most Tesco stores and online for between £1 and £1.50. If you also hop over to Fragrance Direct they are selling for just £0.99.

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