22 November 2013

Karmin Salon Pro G3 Hair Irons Review

Karmin Gift Box

A good pair of straighteners are an absolute must in my life....i have thick wavy hair that needs taming so my trusty irons need to perform to keep my locks under control. 

I was recently asked to review one of Karmins best selling irons the Salon Pro G3. Now i had read previous good reviews about this iron so wanted to see if it actually lived up to all the hype. On arrival you can just tell that these are in a different class of hair iron. Packaged in a rather stunning black and silver box, they screamed quality and i was excited to give them a try.

Karmin Limited Edition

What the set includes

The Karmin Bag and Heat Mat

On opening, the irons are encased in a lovely black and silver bag which comes with a detachable heat proof mat. This particular iron is a Limited Edition and features a curved edge scratch resistant ceramic and tourmaline plate system. The irons come in 3 colours, pink, black and white.

Karmin Irons in pink

The irons are very sleek and professional looking, feel incredibly light and thankfully have a nice long cable, a point some other irons fall flat on. The G3 is packed full of features which include:

Professional grade heating element for flash quick heating.
Negative ions and infrared heat (removes static) for silky shiny hair.
Ion field technology (seals in natural oils).
Variable temperature From 120°C (250°F) to 240°C (460°F).
Tangle-free 3 meter, 360° swivel cord.
Drop Safe Technology.
Worldwide Voltage 100-240V - Use your styler in any country.
Anti-Slip edges.
Slim Handle Design.
Automatic sleep mode - Auto shut off after 1 hour.
Floating plates.
Straighten, curl, flip and style your hair.
3 Year Warranty.

The Karmin Plates

The Karmin Power wheel

Temperature is controlled via a wheel so you can adjust the heat according to your hair type. 

Thin hair: Go for the lowest setting of between 250 and 300 degrees.

Medium hair: Set it between 350 - 420 for optimal results. 

Thick/Coarse: Opt for between 400 and 460 degrees

I would suggest always going for the lowest setting first just in case.

Karmin Plug adapters

The irons have worldwide voltage and can be used in most countries. They are plug type A so you will need to get yourself an adapter which you can purchase cheaply from places such as Maplins. They also come with a 3 year warranty meaning if anything goes wrong in those 3 years they will replace it...no questions asked!

So to the test
When you turn the irons on via the wheel a red light flashes indicating the plates are heating up, this will stop flashing once it reaches the temperature required. I set mine to about medium heat and it took about 30-40 seconds to heat up. 

Because of the curved edges and tourmaline plates the irons literally glided through my hair, and the best thing was..one stroke and it was flat. My current irons i sometimes have to go over a section 2 or 3 times...not with these bad boys, did the job first time. The results were sleek straight hair, non flyaway...exactly as i wanted. 

Now because of the curved edges of the plates it makes the irons very versatile giving you a multitude of other styling options...which are very nicely listed in the little instruction booklet in the box. Not only will it straighten your hair but you can curl, wave and flick it as well.

These irons are a bad hair day savior and I'm really impressed with how they perform. Not only do they work well but look great and have oodles of special little features such as 360 degree swivel tangle free cord and Drop safe technology that just add to the overall usability of this product.

I would say if your looking for some new irons this xmas get these on your list as you won't be dissapointed. The irons can be purchased direct from Beyas for £99.95 and delivery is free within the UK. You can also purchase direct from the Karmin site as well. 

To keep updated of any special offers don't forget to like the Karmin Facebook page.

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  1. I am In love with this flat iron. Is the best straightener ever. I personally recommend it:):):):):)


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