20 November 2013

Paramount Zone Stocking Fiillers

Touch Screen Gloves

Got a couple of fantastic little winter warmer stocking fillers from the lovely people over at Paramount Zone. Their gift guide this Christmas is literally over flowing with fun gadgets and gizmos and i got to test drive a couple of their gifts: A pair of Touch Screen/Smart Gloves and a USB Desktop Mug warmer

Touch Screen Gloves

Touch screen glove fingertips

So you have probably seen these all over the place and with a long cold winter ahead of us these could be a lifesaver for all us smartphone/tablet addicted users... but do they actually work? 

Previously featured on The Gadget Show the gloves have cleverly designed and highly scientific conductive thread on the tips of the gloves. The thread provides the much needed capitance (electric charge) to give the gloves the ability to swipe the screen as you would with your fingertips....quite genius in fact!!

Swiping a tablet with the gloves

The gloves just look like any other, they come in black or pink and are made with a lovely soft wool like fabric. The 'magic tips' don't feel any different to the rest of the glove and the magic capability is provided on all 10 of the fingers. Usability is fantastic.....swipe, touch pinch all work as normal.....there's no loss of sensitivity. These gloves work amazingly well and are prefect for answering or using your phone/tablet whilst out in the elements. 

These are a stocking filler must for any gadget lover...and at only £3,99 they are an absolute bargain as well.

USB Mug Warmer

USB Mug Warmer

Onto my second little gadget, meet your new best friend in the office, a USB Desktop Mug Warmer. A fun little gadget that is ridiculously simple in design. The mug warmer is basically a small low voltage hot plate with plug and play capability. Just plug the usb connector into your laptop/pc and the plate will start to heat up. A small red light on the front indicates its on..and thats it your ready to go. The plate is designed to keep your hot drink warmer for up to 30-60 minutes longer than normal. To maximise performance use stainless steel or metal style cups as heat distribution is much better.

Heating Plate

USB Cup Warmer plugged in

Again this is such a simple yet clever little gadget which works really well. Im forever leaving drinks half finished as iv been distracted with work..you never need waste a cup again with this.

This fabulous gizmo is also a bargain at just £4.99....who can't fail to love this!!

You can order both these items direct from the website.

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  1. The mug warmer is such a clever idea!



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