3 January 2014

Age Defying Exfoliating Pads Review

Radical Skincare Box

Age Defying.....that's quite some claim for a beauty product but one that us women would pick up in an instant. Radical Skincare is all about anti ageing, a company with strong values and the latest technology they claim to deliver potent and powerful results.

Radical Skincare is the brainchild of 2 daughters Liz and Rachel who are daughters of Dr Richard F Edlich who is a world renowned Professor of Plastic Surgery. Having worked with their father at a specialist burn unit they were introduced to the world of skin rejuvenation and repair at the highest levels. From working in the skincare industry for over 15 years they went on a mission to challenge their scientists to develop a powerful anti ageing solution. Their original intention was not to sell to the public but because the results after just weeks were so impressive they decided to make the products available to all.

Radical Skincare packaging

Radical Skincare Jar

The Science
So what is it it that makes Radical Skincare so unique. The company use something called Trylacel Technology which uses the power of 3 elements - multiple antioxidants, anti ageing active ingredients and a skin calming element.  Normally when you combine antioxidants with reparative ingredients in a cream formation they break down and you lose effectiveness. The Trylacel uses suspension technology which basically keeps the antioxidant potency in the cream thus delivering maximum results. 

The skincare range boasts a whole range of impressive claims such as:
Increases skin hydration by 66%
Reduction in wrinkles by 50%
Reduce under eye circles
Evens skintone
Reduces pore size

Impressive stuff you will agree, so did the product live up to the hype?

The Test

Radical Skincare Pads

First of all before anything i need to give a mention regarding the packaging. I love anything that's aesthetically pleasing and Radical Skincare do not disappoint. From the box to the jar the product screams quality. Packed with information and presented extremely well first impressions are very good..gold star number one!

The Age Defying Exfoliating Pads are basically a multitasking product. They aim to exfoliate, tighten and firm skin, reduce pores and lines and preserve skin hydration and they contain some pretty powerful ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids, osilift and witch hazel.

The pads are stacked perfectly in the stunning jar. Each one is pre-moistened and for best effect use them at night after cleansing. The pads have a subtle chemical aroma, are wafer thin and have a slightly bobbled surface. My skin has a tendency to be dry at times and slightly sensitive to certain products so i have to say was slightly expecting a tingly sensation when using the pads. I couldn't of been more wrong. Gliding the pad across my face and neck i felt no signs of irritation whatsoever. My skin felt incredibly clean and i was surprised at the amount of additional grime that came off my skin that cleansing prior to this had failed to remove.

The result: skin squeaky clean, soft and fresh as a daisy. 

This is a quality product from start to finish. The packaging, the science....a high end product that delivers. Yes this is at the higher price bracket in the market but sometimes quality is worth forking out those extra pounds for. The jar currently retails for £45 for 60 pads and is available direct from #radicalskincare website or from UK retailers as detailed on their website.

Thank you to the lovely ladies at Radical Skincare for allowing me to trail this lovely product.

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  1. Sounds like a good product but a little pricy for every day use.

  2. These sound absolutely fantastic. May have to try them :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. They look pretty good :)


  4. I'm such a sucker for exfoliating pads! Great post on what looks to be a great beauty buy x



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