18 January 2014

Stay cool with the Chilli Factor

Now im pretty sure alot of you mums and dads bought a Chilli Factor Slushy Maker for one of your kids at xmas....i certainly did and its been a firm favorite with both of them since it was opened. Moving on from the success of that product, Chilli Factor have come up with an Ice Cream maker.....same concept but this time allowing you to make yummy treats such as ice cream, frozen yogurts and sorbets.

How to use

The Ice Cream maker is basically a soft rubberised cup and lid which resembles a giant ice cream. When you take the top off you will notice the interior of the cup....these are the cooling chambers which when you put it in the freezer employ rapid freeze technology. 

All you do is place the cup without the lid in the freezer and leave for several hours until the interior chambers are frozen (they will feel crunchy when squeezed). You then simply add your ingredients into the cup...for example we used :

100ml single cream
choc chips
2 tbp of toffee syrup

But there's loads of other recipes you can do (some included in the pack).

Anyway once all the ingredients is in, put the lid on, shake it up, take the lid off and then start squeezing the cup...should take you about a minute but as you squeeze you should start noticing the ingredients getting thicker...

Its then simply a case of using the special spoon to scoop out your treat.....

Does it work.....well yes, but you have to be sure that the cup is properly frozen before you attempt it. My kids absolutely love it and you could put in all sorts of ingredients such as fruit, berries, syrups, biscuit etc. Such a simple concept but such a winner with kids of all ages. Mine are 7 and 13....and both use this and the Slushy maker all the time.

This is the perfect kids gift at just £14,99 and is available from various supermarkets and online retailers including Character Online

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  1. This is cool.



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