29 January 2014

Join the Swab for Margot Campaign


This gorgeous little girl is Margot. In October 2013 this little girl was diagnosed with a very rare form of Leukemia. Her survival depends on a stem cell donation from someone with a similar tissue type and so the important hunt began. The campaign for Margot has been gathering pace with support from all across the globe and includes well known celebs such as Gary Barlow, David Tennant and Richard Branson. 

The campaign is simple, Team Margot are calling for people aged between 18-55 who are in general good health to register online at 

Every person that registers on the site will receive a swab kit in the post like the one i got below.

Blood Cancer Swab kit

You then simply follow the instructions and take a swab from the inside of cheek, post the swab back and you will be added to the database and have taken your first step to possibly saving a life. Every single donor counts as its very rare to find 2 people with almost identical tissue types, so the more people that sign up the better chance Margot and other people like her have of finding a life saving match.

I have 2 kids myself so can imagine the pain her family must be going through....so for me signing up to this was a no brainer......i could save a life.....simple!!

So this is why I'm calling out to all you bloggers out there to join in my #bloggersswab4margot request....just click the link above and sign up then tweet with the hashtag
#bloggersswab4margot and spread the word, share with your friends, online communities and lets get the hashtag trending for Margot's family.....it takes just 5 minutes and someone out there could save this little girls life. 


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