22 May 2014

MyChelle Skincare

cleanser and face cream

So i've got a whole heap of lovely natural products winging your way over my next few blog posts. I've been lucky enough to come across some greats brands over the last few weeks, most not that well known and i have discovered some 'hidden gems' . 

First up is MyChelle a natural skincare company from Colarado. Their main aim is to create the most effective 'non toxic' skincare products in the country. They source the most amazing cutting edge plant and marine extracts such as Edelweiss, Sea buckthorn, pumpkin and Gardenia and combine them all at the highest concentration levels thus resulting in skincare products that feed your skin and make it glow!!

Free from phthalates, parabens, fragrances, and artificial colors they are also cruelty free and never test on animals.

MyChelle have 6 main targeted areas for skincare:
  • Dry
  • Age Defence
  • All/Combination
  • Oily/Blemish Control
  • Age Spot/UV Recovery
  • Sensitive

The 2 products i've trialed are from the sensitive 'Pure Harmony' range, a Hydrating cleanser and a face cream.

pure harmony cleanser box

pure harmony cleanser

The Pure Harmony Cleanser is specifically designed for sensitive skin and includes nutrient rich ingredients such as Aquacacteen, Green Tea and Sea Buckthorn. Application is simple , massage a small amount onto skin with cool water and then rinse. The cleanser has absolutely no fragrance whatsoever, no stinging, no dryness...just felt great to use and skin felt clean after rinsing. Just follow with a serum or moisturiser afterwards. Comes in a handy size bottle which you do have to squeeze a bit to get the product out, but apart from that this is a really nice little cleanser. If your prone to flair ups or are just super sensitive to ingredients then this may be perfect for you.

The cleanser is available direct from their online store for £10.50 for 61ml.

pure harmony cream box

pure harmony cream pot

The Pure Harmony Cream is a rich, restorative cream whose main aim is to replenish vital nutrients in the skin, hydrate and protect against nasty irritation. Containing Gardenia Plant stem cells and a rather cool ingredient called Renovage which not only hydrates and improves skins firmness but also reduces pore size and pigmentation. The cream itself has a slight yellow tinge to it which actually helps to neutralise red tone.....so perfect for slathering on!.

The cream has a gorgeous delicate fragrance and is super light. You only need the smallest amount and it feels great to apply. Skin feels soft and hydrated soon after application and has quite a calming effect on my skin. Yet again no sign of irritation.....both products pass with flying colours on that point.

The cream is also available via their online store for £23.00 for 35ml

Having never heard of MyChelle before I'm now very glad i did. A great little brand which obviously knows its stuff, I'm loving the unusual ingredients they use and there's such a fantastic range of products that caters for all skin types....make sure you grab a look at their website as i guarantee you will have serious product lust!!.

Thank you to the lovely people at MyChelle for letting me try the above products. x

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