10 June 2014

Zenmed Beauty Roundup

Zenmed Range

So im back with yet more fabulous natural skincare, this time round a brand iv featured previously called Zenmed.  Zenmed have an eye watering array of products designed around key skin problems such as acne, rosacea, anti ageing and scars. 

All products contain naturally sourced ingredients, contain no nasties, dont test on animals and are both PETA and Leaping Bunny approved sellers. Zenmed is what you'd class as a more scientific brand....its all about correction, assistance, improvement....and iv had a chance to put some of their top sellers to the test.

Micordermabrasion Complex

This is basically a scrub which helps target acne and the scarring caused, sun damage and also hyper pigmentation . Its to be used in conjunction with the Skin Eraser which you will see featured below. 

This is a clay based scrub which provides intensive dermabrasion and gradually diminishes any skin imperfections leaving you with new, smoother and refreshed skin. The scrub has no fragrance and is extremely thick so was a bit hard to get out of the tube. You use on wet skin and simply apply small amounts to your face and rub in (not too hard). Just rinse, pat dry and then if you wish you can then apply a small layer of the skin eraser (see below) to complete the process. 

Please note this product and some of the others in this post can make your skin more sensitive to the sun so you must ensure you apply sunscreen during the day. 

This scrub produces great results. Although i don't have problems with scarring or acne my skin can get quite dry but after using this my skin felt really smooth which provided a great base for my makeup. My skin looked less dull and it gives your cheeks that healthy 'looks like iv got blusher on' glow. My only gripe was the packaging.....think this stuff needs to be in a jar so you can literally scoop it out....its that thick!!

To get this product on its own would be £30 however you can purchase this as part of a 2 step programme with the skin eraser at just £45.....bargain!

Skin Eraser

So this is the other product i mentioned. It contains the rather scary sounding Ascorbic-Glycolic-Lactic acid..which basically does a similar job, exfoliates the upper layers of the skin targeting all those little imperfections, pigmentation, wrinkles etc

I have to admit just reading the main ingredient made me a bit wary as i have fairly sensitive skin....but this stuff not only exfoliates the skin it also calms and nourishes it.....who'd of thought eh!!

So to maximise effect i used this after using the scrub above. Use sparingly when applying and simply rub in till absorbed. The combination of the 2 products works really well....skin feels really smooth and i can totally see how someone with scarring or problem skin would really benefit from this combination.The best thing for me is no signs of irritation so its also perfect for sensitive skins types. The bottle on its own is priced at £23 so if you do fancy getting both then i suggest the 2 step package is a really good offer.

Scar Lightening Serum

So keeping on the skin correction path meet Skincorrect+...this is a super serum which contains hydroquinone which help to lighten the appearance of scars, correct hyper pigmentation and also great for targeting dark spots and sun damage.

It basically stops stubborn imperfections from getting worse and evens out the overall skintone. To be used at nightime only, simply apply sparingly to affected areas after cleansing. This is a permanent lightening solution and again sunscreen must be used when using this product as skin sensitivity will occur. This is full on medical grade beauty and at just £34 is well worth it for a permanent solution to dark skin areas. 

Plumping Serum

This serum is part of their  Skin Support and Reconstructive Skincare line and is another product that can be used in conjunction with another (see below). This serum is aimed at stopping the visible signs of ageing (always a bonus), to aid tightening skin, improve tone and help diminish signs of blood vessels.

Packed full of Hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 this little serum helps to increase collagen and plumps up skin cells which in turn aid the visible appearance of ageing, dry and sun damaged skin.

Again use this product sparingly and apply after cleaning. A little goes a long way and this serum sinks easily into the skin without leaving any greasy residue. To improve results use the Omegaceramide+ Recovery Moisturizer straight after.

After using for a while my skin feels much improved, i love this with the combination of the moisturizer as the 2 work really well together and i would definitely put this on par with other anti ageing products on the market.

The serum is priced at £30 direct from the site but can be bought with the moisturizer (see below)

Recovery Moisturizer

Now this moisturizer is also part of their Skin Support and Reconstructive Skincare line and is best to be used following application of the the Hyaluronic Plumping Serum (above). This is a collegen boosting cream full of Omega 3 and the same hyaluronic acid as the serum. This is best for parched super dry and dull skin. This stuff can reduce the appearance of fine lines, reduce the size of visible pores and also aid to diminish the appearance of broken blood vessels. 

To be used at night,  just apply after the serum. The cream is thick but very light and has a very subtle fragrance. It sinks into the skin easily and leaves it feeling super soft and hydrated. Even applied on its own this stuff feels great, but with the combination of the serum as well, the 2 products produce fab feeling skin. This is one of my favourites as it leaves my skin feeling so so good. This doesn't irritate me in any way, my skin just feels calm and looks much much brighter and more healthier. 

A pot of this is available for £34 but again you can buy it in conjunction with the serum for £56.

So 5 very worthy products from a brand still not as well known as i think it should be. I love the fact that these target some really stubborn and annoying skin issues, i also love the fact they are ideal for sensitive skin and not one of these products irritated me in any way. 

Yes they are a bit pricier but ultimately you can see results and i think Zenmed are the ideal 'go to' beauty company for people with targeted issues.

The website is a hive of information and tips for all your skincare issues and which product to best target it. They also have a live help feature so you can chat about your issues one to one with a skincare rep.

If you have yet to try a Zenmed product then do have a look at their website, have you tried Zenmed before?? Do the products work for you? Drop me a comment.
Ciao for now!
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