12 June 2014

Say hello Ambiance, bye bye dodgy roots

Now im a big advocate of dry shampoo so jumped at the chance when asked to try a brand i hadn't come across before....Ambiance dry shampoo

Ambiance do a range of dry shampoos and refills aimed at all the main hair colours....so blonde, brunette, black red and a gre hair/no tint variation. Didn't know what to expect about the product having never seen it before and its very different from other dry shampoo brands out there in the market.

Firstly packaging....instantly love it, this comes across as a high end product, the box is simple and states exactly what it does:
  • Cleans and refreshes hair
  • Adds body, fullness and shine
  • covers roots between colourings
  • Made of natural ingredients (sulfate free, no alcohol, butane, parabens and no animal testing)

The powder comes in a very cute and very handy sized brush applicator..which is the first big plus as its travel ready! Theres a small hollow area in the centre of the brush, this is where the powder comes out.....word of warning, it comes out fast so be careful when applying on your head or you could get more than you bargained for!!!

Anyway 'carefully' using the applicator tap some of the powder into your roots and then either use the brush at a sideways angle or your fingers to blend the powder in.

Now i have salon dyed very red hair so anything that can help with bad root days is a bonus, this powder not only blended extremely well with my hair colour but also instantly zaps any sign of greasiness....plus it gives great volume. No powder residue, no white bits....its all very natural and gives your hair that much needed 'between shampoo' boost. 

Do i prefer this to other leading dry shampoos?....well as far as results go, this provides great grease zapping results and is just as good as some of the others, but colour wise this definitely tops it for me..just blends so well, the red colour is perfect.. Applicator takes a bit of getting used to and my sink had a fair dusting of it the first time round, it remains to be seen if it will be this or a mini spray can that will be making it into my festival bag this summer....we shall see!!

So now to the price....to buy the above box with applicator is £11.99, yes a little bit more pricey but considering the applicator is reusable and you can purchase refills this sort of justifies the overall price. Refills for the applicator are priced at £9.99 or there is also the option to buy a multi kit comprising of both applicator and refill for £22.99.

The dry shampoo is available direct from the website or you can purchase from Feel Unique, Chemist Direct, Look Fantastic and various other online retailers. Please note, prices do vary from site to site to look around first before purchasing.

So have you tried this, are you a fan? drop me a comment xx

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