31 July 2014

Grab a bug and spread the stink

Stink Bugz packs

What is it with boys and stuff thats just plain gross? they love it.......sticky, dirty, smelly....which is probably why Character Toys thought that the concept of Stink Bugz would be a good idea.

Yep these delightful creatures are part of a collection of what they call 'the most disgusting collection of bugz ever'........just fills me with joy!!

Stink Bugz

Muck Maggot

Yes these lovely little guys are basically gross smelling bugs......and i mean gross. There are currently 4 characters to collect at present...the one above being lovingly called Muck Maggot. They each come in a sealed jar.......and when you break that seal you can understand why.......they stink, really bad.....and as if that isn't bad enough, they are squeezable which means you can squeeze the stench in peoples faces.......fabulous!!!

Each bug has its own unique stench......
Muck Maggot - Rotten fish
Swampy Skeeter - Swamp water
Skunk Mantis - Skunk
Trashy Turdmite - Garbage heap

And thats it.....thats all they do, they stink, parents will hate them and kids will love them.......can't really go wrong. The only saving grace is the jars they come in, thankfully they provide a lid so you can seal the delightful characters up when your kids are not chasing you with them!!

Each little bug is £4.99 and you can buy them direct from the Character toys site or various other major toy retailers.

Oh but the stink doesnt stop there.....oh no, in addition to the lovely bugz you can also complete the set with a Parasites pack.

Parasites pack

The Parasites Pack contains 4 mini parasites and a stink blaster......you simply load a parasite into the blaster, pump the handle and it blasts the stench.......again each Parasite comes in its own little pot for safe keeping......don't be fooled by the size, these are equally as stinky as the bigger versions.....and this pack is priced at £9.99. 

My youngest found it hilarious chasing me with these around the house with these......the smells are just so bad, but the boys loved them. With xmas rearing its ugly head around the corner these would be ideal stocking fillers.....and perfect for the kids to scare off your 'not so favorite' relative on xmas day!!

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