12 August 2014

Exclusive - Upcoming launch of The Library of Fragrance

Gin and Tonic Fragrance
So if you love fragrance like i do you'll be very excited to hear that there is a new name on the block........soon to be launched on Sep 9th called The Library of Fragrance.

The Library of Fragrance has a whopping 101 fragrances to its name which will all be available via their website....28 of these will also be launched in Boots across the UK and via Boots.com. The fragrances are all about simple singular scents and many are fun day to day smells such as Baby Powder, apple pie, christmas tree, daisy, fireplace, grass and even 
Play Doh!!! 

The full 28 fragrances launching in Boots will be revealed, one fragrance at a time via their Facebook page over the next few weeks.

Thunderstorm Fragrance

Four leaf clover fragrance

Grass Fragrance

Orange blossom fragrance

Baby Powder fragrance

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