29 September 2014

The Library of Fragrance - Can a single scent be exciting?

Barbados Cherry Scent

So the wait is over and The Library of Fragrance finally launched  this month with 28 different scents being available from Boots stores across the UK and up to 101 versions on the UK website. Having worked with them up to the launch i was lucky enough to get to sample one of these unique singular scents so with a love for all things fruity i picked a scent from the website, Barbados Cherry.

Now the Library of Fragrance has created pretty much every type of scent and designed them to capture a feeling, a moment from your childhood, a familiar fragrance that evokes a memory....and Barbados Cherry is no exception. As soon as the spray hit my skin i had a flashback of being 17...terrible fashion, spiral perm and a love for fragrance oils....the smell instantly took me back to that moment.  A fruity punch that's quite sweet on impact but settles into a lovely warm and distinctive scent which lasts for hours. The bottle comes in a rather lovely classic design and is also the absolute perfect handbag size. 

The best thing about being a singular scent is they are perfect for layering....allowing you to create your own unique personalised scent....and giving you the perfect excuse to buy more, so its a rather good thing that Boots are currently offering 2 for £25 (single is £15).

These are simple, long lasting scents and with 101 different fragrances the list of combinations is endless. Tangerine and Baby Powder are next on my hit list......whats yours?

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  1. seems a great product:)
    and...good value for the money :) Boots are currently offering 2 for £25 (single is £15)....


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