21 August 2016

Bold colours with Everglaze Extended Wear nailpolish

Nail polish range from Evergalze

So today I reviewed a series of nailpolishes from the Everglaze range from China Glaze. The Evergalze range is an Extended wear version designed for strength, stamina and shine. 

The range has a huge choice of colours and I tried out 3 of them including their active top coat.

Now on the website it states you should apply 2 layers of the polish, which i have to agree with. On my first application the colour wash is very sheer and if you like your colours bold i would say 2 maybe 3 coats would be need to gain the desired colour. 

Drying time is fairly standard - i left it at least 5 minutes before adding on the top coat, which goes on very easy with no colour drag. 

Colour wise/final finish (from left to right): 
Royal Satin: Lovely glossy plum colour with a nice iridescent effect, my favourite overall 
Active Top Coat: Provided a nice shine and finish to the nails with good easy application
Tomato -Tomatoe: A vibrant almost fluro red shade, does need a few coats to get a good solid colour
French Press: An iridescent light brown/grey colour - again this one needed a few coats for the desired colour.

Staying power
So i tried these varnishes firstly without the top coat and then with it. 
Without the top coat I was seeing chipping and wear literally the next day which was a bit disappointing
With the top coat wear is greatly improved however by about the 3rd day i was seeing slight chips appear plus the top coat was starting to peel and wasn't looking as super glossy as it did on the 1st day.

Overall I wouldn't have classed these as extended wear polishes - the initial colours are sheer so need layering and I would have expected them to last longer than 3 days before wear was noticeable. That said the colours once layered were nice and as an everyday polish these did the job. I do love the vast amount of colours in the range and at about £9.95 they are are not overly priced. 

You can view the full range at the China Glaze site and  if you head on over to Nail Polish Direct you can currently grab them for a bargain price of £6.95 each.

Thank you to Sparkle Pr for allowing me to try these samples x

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