1 August 2016

Grab a hint of summer with Monsoons Rose Gold Perfume

Rose Gold is a perfume made by high street retailer Monsoon - launched back in Nov 2015 it goes up against alot of decent high street competition however this one is priced slightly higher to reflect the brand at £24 for 30ml compared to the others which tend to come in under £15.

So is it worth that extra money? 

Rose gold comes in a sleek, fairly standard looking bottle cased in a rather nice looking gold and white box. The fragrance is one id label as 'safe'.....i.e pretty much most people would like the fragrance, its not overpowering by any one element...its a warm, flowery fragrance with a slight musk hint to it. An easy to wear everyday fragrance that can easily transition to a night out. The 30ml bottle is also the perfect handbag size.....and mine is in there already. 

Do i think its worth the price tag?...well Monsoon is a pretty credible fashion brand with clothing at the higher end of the price range so i think the price correctly reflects that brand image. Its not  a 'break the bank' price and you can't really go wrong with this fragrance.....very easy to wear, and leaves you smelling pretty damn nice!!

The fragrance comes in 3 sizes 30ml  Approx, £24,  50ml Approx £29 and 100ml for approx £35. A perfect summer fragrance - if we ever have one!!!

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