2 September 2011

Xen Tan Transform Luxe - Update

If you remember back when i did my Feel Unique Beauty box review...one of the products in there was Xen Tan Transform Luxe gradual tanner.

Xen Tan
Now i mentioned back then that this wasn't the sort of product i normally use and was unsure it would actually be suited to me as i have such pale skin!!

Well i had an email today from Xen Tan themselves ( the lovely Jade Hutchinson).....firstly really pleased that they have taken time out to read my blog and secondly they wanted really to clarify who the product was suitable for and it turns out that this is ideal for use on really pale skin. In fact they told me that Xen Tan grew out of the necessity for very pale skinned tanners in search of a natural glow!!

I'm one of those pale skinned girls that embraces my colour and have never really had a need or a want to enhance it, however if you are pale and craving a product that can give you a bit of a healthier glow then Xen Tan sounds ideal.
A big thank you to Jade for contacting me and updating me on the product itself. If you are perhaps interested in testing it I'm happy to send out my sample if anyone would like to try it. Just leave a comment below. 

If you want to purchase a full size version then head over to Feel Unique - currently a massive sale on there so the full size is going for £17.05 and the 177ml is going for just £11.05.


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  1. Hi I was wondering whether you had used this? I'm trying to find reviews/pictures to see how it comes out?


  2. I havent used this as iv never been one to use tanning products or tan in general (i rock the pale look) there is however a pretty good review with lots of pictures on this blog:

    Hope that helps you!!


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